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Which Applications Can Drain The Life Of Your Cell Phone Battery


Nowadays, smart phones are gaining more and more popularity and many people are owning them under different brand names. Irrespective of the brand name used, they commonly face the problem of quick draining of batteries. So, they are always on the look for ways to hold the charge as long as possible. Do you know that some of the applications are capable of reducing the power of your device at a faster pace as compared to others?

Also, it has been found that free apps cause more battery problems as compared to paid alternatives. You might get a doubt as to why this happens and this is because of the ads that you get frequently when making use of free applications.
People, who conducted research in this area are of the opinion that by restructuring the source code on some applications, they were able to lessen the total energy consumption by about 20 to 65 percent. In addition to battery life, they are also known that free apps in addition to draining the battery at a faster pace, also shorten the cell phone battery life.

Generally, the overall life is determined by the number of charge cycles. The more the time you are charging, more are the chances that it will have an impact on the overall life. This is why it is advised that you can go for paid applications, which will not drain at a faster pace. This in turn will reduce the number of times, you are charging your device. Generally, the average life of a mobile phone battery is between 18 months to two years.

There are a number of options to extend the cell phone battery life in such a way that you can use the applications for longer hours. For most of the Smartphone models, there are extended life batteries available in the market. These devices can typically double the withstanding capacity in such a way that you can use the device continuously for longer hours. Even though, the extended variants can add heaviness and thickness to your device, they can be of great help, particularly, when you are an individual, who use the device more frequently either for talking or for playing or for any other operations.

Nowadays, they are sold online and so you can find a reliable portal dealing with them for placing your order and can get them delivered to your doorsteps.


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